Renting vs Owning

When looking at building a new home vs renting you are looking at two primary groups of reason. First are the tax and financial benefits of owning vs renting. The second are simply the benefits of new vs used (whether renting or buying used). A custom designed and built home is your home with your features and it will not have any large maintenance cost for a long time.

Legal and Tax Benefits of Ownership

Did you know that you could own a home for not much more than you’re paying in rent? You’d also be eligible for tax benefits that are unavailable to renters. Ownership means you can finally do things your way, like paint the walls any color you wish. But more importantly, you can establish roots in a community with room for you and your family to grow.

housing costs over next 30 years graph

Owning vs. Renting

There are plenty of great reasons why owning might be better than renting. Especially when you can own for about the same monthly payment. Do you feel like owning your own home is just out of reach? Truth is, owning your own home is much more affordable and easier than you might think. Many times you can own a brand-new home with the plan, home site and customized finishing touches of your choice, for about the same as what you spend on rent.

There are eight primary benefits:

  • Energy Efficient
  • Customize Your Home
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Peace of Mind
  • Home Automation
  • Surround Sound
  • New Home Warranty
  • Financial Advantages

Please click in this link where they are described in detail New vs Used

You're closer to owning than you think.

Are you a could-be owner stuck in a renter's way of thinking? We'd like to put an end to your thoughts of not being able to own your own home. It's time to believe that owning is truly possible, and can be just as affordable as renting. And, you can own a home that offers everything you want and look forward to having. Unlike cramped apartment living, the spaciousness you'll enjoy in a custom home is expansive, much like the advantages of owning vs. renting.

  • No unexpected rent increases
  • Roomier, more comfortable living
  • Space for your family to grow
  • More stable place to live with a sense of community
  • More storage space
  • A garage for your vehicle(s)
  • The luxury of your own backyard
  • It's your rules; you are the landlord

Okay, So Why Buy Now?

You've heard it before — timing is everything. And this might be truer now than it ever has been before. With interest rates still close to the lowest they've been in recent history coupled with plenty of mortgage options available to buyers with good credit, it makes smart financial sense to own a home.