Design and Pre-Construction Questions

How many plans do you have?

Landmark Fine Homes is proud to offer over 100 floor plans. If you want to look at one of our many popular floor plans come, go through our plan book, and see if we have a plan that meets your needs- you may use it at no charge. However, most of our customers have their own plans or a plan they would like drawn up to meet their needs and satisfy their goals. Again, we can recommend a plan designer and help you through design process or help you find a plan from our free floor plans. Remember when you are designing a home it is best to also be working with a builder who can make sure the floor plan is one that you can afford and has all of the features you want. Just give us a call and set an appointment at your convenience and we can help you for no charge and with no obligation.

Will you build my plan or do I have to build one of your plans?

We will build from your custom plans or one of ours. In most cases, our customers already have a plan drawn or one they would like to have drawn. If you have a plan, let us review your plan, making sure you are in budget and refer you to one of the areas many qualified designers. If your plan is already drawn up let’s do a plan review and give you a price.

If I select one of your plans, can I make some changes?

Yes. You may make adjustments to personalize your home to fit your needs and as a matter of fact we will help you make changes and even expect you to make some changes. In fact, very few of our homes are ever built without any owner changes prior to starting. Your changes are what makes your home a custom home not a track home. Even if you do not have any changes when you come see us, you probably will before we start building. Let’s meet and go through our four page plans review checklist and see if you like some of our suggestions to your plan. Your home should be design to fit your needs and lifestyle. Where is the water heater, the water spigots, air handler and what is the size and shape of the driveway? We have about 4 pages of items (just on your floorplan) we will go over with you, review and discuss as we help you customize your home to fit your lifestyle and desires. It is your home, the biggest investment you will ever make and it should be built specifically for you and your needs.

Financing Questions

Can I build my new home if I have a home to sell?

A great number of our customers do so, it is based on your good credit. Most lending institutions have no problem completing loans for the new home as long as the customer financially qualifies to do so. Typically, during the construction process, the customer is only making interest payments for the amount of work completed on their new home so they are not making two house payments during the construction phase of their loan.

Another option is first selling your home, then storing most of your household items to a storage facility close by or to a pod located on your new lot and renting for the 4-6 months it takes to build your new home.

Is it a good idea to know your buying power before looking for a new home?

In order for you to make a sound buying decision, one of the first things you need to know is how much home you can afford. contact one of our Preferred Lenders today to find out what your budget will be.

Do you offer financing?

Landmark Fine Homes has established relationships with most banks and other lenders which allow us to assist our customers in arranging financing. Our preferred lenders strive to assure that their rates and fees are competitive and our customers are always given the option of providing their own financing. View our Preferred Lenders Page.

Does my credit have to be perfect?

No. Many times people have credit bruised by many different types of life's circumstances. Our lenders look at the big picture. Although good credit is a valuable asset, perfect credit is not necessary. We can help you find the right lender. Call us and we can advise you as to the right lender. Find out more by contacting one of our Preferred Lenders.

How much money is required for the down payment?

Due to the number of loan programs now available, it is possible to receive financing that requires No Down Payment, No Closing Cost, and 100% financing even if you do not have any equity in your land. Such a program is with USDA and yes, if you qualify it still exists. If you do own your land free and clear, then that may be your down payment for most programs. Every situation is different. Call us and we can put you in touch with the right lender. Find out more by contacting one of our Preferred Lenders.

Does my property have to be paid for?

No. Our lenders can finance the land payoff in most cases as well as financing the construction of your home.

When do my payments start?

If your property is paid in full, typically you will not have a payment on the home until 30 days after Landmark Fine Homes has completed their portion of the building contract. This may vary depending on the lender.

Construction Questions

When does construction begin?

Although we share your excitement in starting your new home, there are several requirements that must be satisfied prior to the construction phase. The most basic of these requirements are the following:

  1. Drafting and receiving final customer approval of building plans.
  2. Close the construction loan.
  3. Sub-division architectural approval, if applicable.
  4. Satisfaction of local government approval for septic system and both environment and building permits.

In what area do you build your homes?

Our primary target area for building homes is in the North Florida and South Georgia area. Though this area is primarily made up of Leon, Gadsden, Wakulla, Franklin, Liberty, Jackson, Calhoun, Gulf, Jefferson, Madison, and Taylor county, we do welcome the opportunity of building in other areas. In South Georgia, we primarily focus on Decatur, Grady, Thomas, Brooks, Mitchell and Colquitt County. View the Where We Build Page.

How much does a house cost per square foot?

We price each home on an individual basis due to variations in floor plans - some have large porches, others small porches and some have garages and some do not. Other factors to consider - wall height, ceiling treatments, pitch of the roof, amount of cabinetry, etc. The largest consideration would be features such as the siding, flooring, cabinets and countertops. Are you satisfied with more economical selections or do only the best materials and luxury features meet your needs? The same floorplan could cost nearly twice as much per square foot if you desire all of the best materials and luxury features. Our estimating staff is very knowledgeable about construction, materials, features and can help you with pricing once we know a bit more about your project. We can also show you the most economical way to build your house and still meet your goals no matter whether your building a large luxury home or a smaller more affordable home. Set up a FREE consultation and estimate.

How long will it take to build a house?

Every project is different. Construction time will depend primarily on two factors

  1. the size of the home,
  2. site conditions - amount of site work involved, the type of foundation and the landscaping concrete and site finished work required

However, after the building permit has been issued, construction would be expected to take 75 to 125 days under normal weather conditions for homes between 1200 and 3000 square feet under roof. Much larger, more complex homes could take as many as four to six months to complete.

What kind of foundation do you build?

We build most houses on a steel re-enforced concrete slab designed for the soil in your area. These foundations are inspected by an independent inspection service to insure that your slab is built in accordance with the proper codes and local requirements. Because Landmark Fine Homes is a custom home builder, we can also build homes on slab, crawl space, and pier and beam pilings. We adapt the proper foundation for the specific job and geographical location. Coastal homes would generally require a special foundation which is typically pilings and very costly.

Do you offer a warranty on your new homes?

Yes, the best in the area. When you build a home with the quality materials and attention to detail we are able to offer one of the longest warranties in the area. Along with our warranty every home we build is backed a the 2-10 New Home Buyers Warranty. Please view our Warranty Information Page.