The Building Process

Building a new home can be one of the biggest emotional and financial decisions you'll ever make. But rest assured, when you buy or build with Landmark Fine Homes, we make sure that the process is not unnecessarily complicated or intimidating. Our knowledgeable builders, office staff and design team will carefully guide you every step of the way. Are you thinking about building a new home? These are the steps you will be taking during the journey and they are listed in the proper order in which each step should be started.

Step 1 - Establish a Budget

Unless you have unlimited money, and very few of our customers do, we recommend that you first establish a budget. The three questions you must be able to answer before Step 2 are:

  1. How much can I spend on both land and house? If you already own land, then that may be your down payment and you spend the entire loan amount on the home.
  2. How large a monthly payment am I comfortable with and how much money can I or will I be willing to use as a down payment? If you are qualified for a $425,000 home but only want a $1,500 payment you will not be building a $425,000 home unless you are building much of the home with cash. Again, it's not just what you are qualified for but how large of a monthly payment are you comfortable with.
  3. Tentatively, how much do I want to spend on the lot and how much will be left to build the house? We can help with this part with letting you know what is typical, what the lot improvements will cost on your lot and give you a good idea or how much it will cost to build your home.

Step 2 - Select A Lot

If you purchase a floor plan first and then later find an incredible lot, you may be sorry. What if the plan you purchased does not fit on the lot? What if the plan cost so much to build that you cannot afford the lot? It is not like you can build the garage later if your plan already has a garage. Many communities have guidelines and restrictions. What if one of them is that they do not allow a floorplan like the one you purchased. This is why you find a lot first. You may be looking at floor plans; you may even know the plan you want to have drawn or to purchase but we recommend that you do not finalize or purchase that plan until you find your lot.

Step 3 - Design, Dream, and Personalize

Step 3 involves selecting a floor plan, reviewing the floor plan options, and the selecting of your homes primary features, such as siding, flooring, and countertops. You decide how it fits on your lot and what grass, driveway and other land improvements you want. You do all of this while keeping your builder informed to sure that it all add up to an amount which falls within your budget.

Step 4 - Finalize Your Mortgage

You now have a lot, floor plans, and a list of features that you want incorporated into your home. With that, your builder has been able to provide you an exact price and also to provide you with a contract. Now your loan officer can order the appraisal and finalize your mortgage.

Step 5 - Customize Your Interior and Exterior Design

It's time to visit our design studio and meet with your personal interior decorator to make the final material and color selections. Our interior decorator will help you to make informed choices, answer your questions, give you additional advice, and put the "Wow!" factor in your home.

Step 6 - Preconstruction

You meet one final time with your builder while the permits are in, right before construction begins. You do a detailed review of your plan, list of features, and your color/material selections. It is at this phase when we see that you have decided to add an icemaker to your list of appliances and we write it on the plans and tell the plumber to add an additional drain under the slab for the icemaker. It is at this time we review one more time items such as can lights, surround sound, security, added sound proofing, extra storage in the attic and other options that may not be done once the slab is poured and the drywall has been installed.

Step 7 - Construction Begins

It is in this phase we actually build the home. We start with a lot walk to stake the house, stake out the driveway, and finalize which trees come down. As the house is being built, it may require a framing walk, electrical walk, and drywall and trim walk. Our plans have been marked up to show the unique features in your home and during construction you can see each and every one of them as the home is being constructed.

Step 8 - Builder Review and Acceptance

During this stage, a Company Owner and your Personal Builder – site superintendent perform a thorough inspection of your entire home to assure that it meets our high construction standards. We make a punch list and start punching the house and getting it ready for your introduction to your home.

Step 9 - Homeowner Introductory Tour

Your Personal Builder – site superintendent will introduce you to your new home, pointing out all its unique features, systems and how they work. Some items like home automation, digital thermostats, and HVAC systems may require an appointment with the subcontractors-experts that installed them. We will give you your warranty material and a Homeowners Guide for information about maintaining your home. In as few as ten days you will have closed your loan and be given the keys to your brand new custom home.

Step 10 - Closing

This is the final step in the legally process of closing out the construction phase and your construction loan. We ensure that the home is to your satisfaction. You meet at the title company, sign all papers and pick up your keys!

Step 11 - Move In

The construction process is complete. If you have not already received your Homeowners Guide for information about maintaining your home, you will be receiving it in the mail. You will get a courtesy visit by Service/Warranty Manager at 1 month, 5 months, and 11 months. Settle in and enjoy your home, but rest assured we are still with you if you need us. Congratulations and welcome to our family!